El Huerto De Lucas

Organic Food Market


Organic Market in Madrid


El Huerto de Lucas is an ECOGASTRO-CULTURAL project in the Chueca neighbourhood of Madrid.

Over 450 square metres dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the body and the environment through food. Food of the highest quality and 100% organic. Promoting health and wellbeing for you and the environment.

“The best medicine is food” Hippocrates


100% Toxic-Free and Earth Friendly space

Our first medicine should be Food

by Dr. Pilar Muñoz-Calero.

El Huerto de Lucas was founded to promote good health, but not in the sense of curing an ailment, but a health and wellbeing that comes from the state of plenitude we feel as human beings who are living with all of our faculties activated and alert.

Are we weak when our bodies reject the multitude of potentially toxic substances all around us (in food, water, air…)? Or is it that Nature itself, not in a state of weakness but from being real, that cannot adapt to all of these changes, as we lose a multitude of species each day.

The true weakness may not be nature, that which is forced to adapt to all of these impurities. The true weakness is more likely our human insensitivity and greed. We need a change in consciousness to once again find awareness and common that will lead us to a state of wellbeing.

So do we confuse sensitivity with weakness?

El Huerto de Lucas would like to provoke the thought that it is not “weak” but “strong”, and it is a sensibility in us that can be developed when we “awaken” our senses, to help us better perceive beauty and a true sense of life that can guide our way to health.

To do this, the market offers food without contaminants, clean water and carefully sourced elements so that we can breathe the purest possible air; together with informative campaigns and lectures that look to open a dialogue on today’s best practices… We are a little garden in a tiny corner of Madrid. We are here for those who by necessity live the urban life but who still yearn to be near the natural world.


Pilar Muñoz-Calero,

Project promoter

Doctorate in Medicine (Complutense University of Madrid), member of the AAEM (American Academy of Environmental Medicine) and of the BSEM (British Society of Environmental medicine). In collaboration with Breakspear Hospital in the UK as an expert in Emergency Medicine (a reference in Europe).

President and Director of Environmental Medicine at the Fundacion Alborada. Associate Professor of the Faculty of Medicine at the Complutense University of Madrid. Enrolled and registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), UK Governing Council of medicine since 2012.


Through bio-health design and toxin-free construction, the More&Co study by Paula Rosales envisioned what would be an original in Spain. From conception of this architectural project to the selection of its building materials, El Huerto de Lucas is designed to enhance wellbeing by being a living, healthy, conscientious and human space.

One hundred percent healthy, an island of nature and wellbeing within the big city. The vertical garden in the entrance, the hanging plants in the interior patio all play into this deep feeling.

Moreover, taking every advantage of the cycles for raw materials has minimalized the overall environmental impact.

Organic Mission

Eating organic means looking out for your health, protecting the environment and giving support to those growers committed to quality food.


And also because organic food is delicious!


Organic products do not use:


Any type of artificial additive

Organic fruits and vegetables are not always the most beautiful, but wait to try them and you will find them more flavourful, in addition, they are nutritionally the better option as they contain more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


But it is not just plant-based food that can be certified organic. Organics can also be meat-based, as long as they have been produced in compliance with those same criteria by providing animals with conditions conducive to developing their most basic functions in the most natural form possible.


To eat the healthiest and most flavourful food with more nutrients and vitamins.

  • To reject the use of chemicals, hormones, artificial additives and genetically modified foods.
  • To help the environment by supporting respectful production practices.
  • To support organic growers by encouraging them to continue the use of growing practices that are safe for the environment.
  • Organically raised animals live in conditions that limit their stress and promote health. Humane treatment and natural feeding practices, without medications.
  • Organic growing limits soil erosion while decreasing water contamination significantly reducing the impact on wildlife.
  • Organic growing uses less energy than conventional growing.
  • Organic growing maintains and promotes crop diversity.

Our Values

  • Our business proposition will always subscribe to and promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • We sell and serve food that is natural and organic.
  • We are committed to serve healthy organic products that guarantee maximum flavour while in their purest form.
  • We do whatever is possible so that our clients enjoy a unique, eco-gastronomy experience in Spain.
  • We promote food from small local growers through fair trade business practices.
  • We want to create a community of clients and friends who help us in our mission for a world free of toxins by choosing food that is healthy and environmentally friendly.